Realistic Fruit Juice Packaging!

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 4, 2009

Naoto Fukasawa’s designs for realistic fruit juice packaging are to say the least – convincing – check them out at Toxel  


Don’t Tase Me Bro….From A Distance

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 29, 2009

Just when you thought you could outrun the law! The Taser Xrep Shotgun is here – Run Forest, Run!  More here

Mugen Can Beer Simulator

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 29, 2009

Do you love the sound of the swish your can of beer makes when you click the tab? Do you like the Pavlov’s Dog reaction people get when they hear it? Thirsty? Well get one from Bandai

Amphibious Lounger

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 29, 2009

Sometimes you just need a beanbag or a lilo, pool floatation device-type-thingie – Well have just the thing.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Coming November

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 29, 2009

Infinity Ward have confirmed the November release of COD4: Modern Warefare 2…can’t wait!

Skype Behemoth

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 25, 2009

skype-logoSkype is the worlds largest long distance phone call provider!  It is quite clear that VOIP is the future and it is also abundantly clear that Skype is the users weapon of choice. Even though Ebay (Skype’s Parent Company/owner) has not regained any of the massive $2.6 Billion it shelled out for the telephony company a few years back  it is clear that Skype is poised as the forerunner of Internet communication so eventually they will get their return….watch this space.

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Hyundai Blue-Will Hybrid

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 25, 2009

Due out…soon. Honest! Powered by a lithium ion polymer battery pack that hides under the seat and also has efficient solar panel, see-through glass…wow it even looks cool unlike the Prius which still looks like it has an obscene growth on it’s back!


Pentax 645 Digital Is The 30 Megapixel Shooter Of The Future

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 25, 2009

First It was not coming out, then it was too expensive to make but if rumours are to be believed then the 645 Digital is due out in mid 2010. So If you need a 30 megapixel DSLR you will have to wait.!

Look, see, breathe in the beauty…..

Wii Hits The Big Time

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 25, 2009

It’s official, the Wii is the fastest selling Games console of all time (yes even faster than the PS2). According to Sotoru Iwata, Nintendo Chief, the Wii has surpassed all expectations by selling in excess of 50 million units worldwide. Phew that is a lot of Wii Fit! The popularity of the Wii and the 100 million selling DS platform, prompted Iwata to state his company’s surprise at the success: “Almost no one expected them to reach the current level of mainstream acceptance. It’s even beyond what we possibly hoped for,” Anyways its time for the next generation is’nt it?

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Resident Evil Outsells….Everything!

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 19, 2009

Now I was going to write a long flowery piece on how Games are outselling other forms of entertainment media but I feel to argue either point of view would be pointless. Let me show you simply why.

1.> Resident Evil was released on March 13, 2009

2.> It has sold more than 40 ooo ooo (thats forty million) copies worldwide

3.> It has sold more than than the worlds biggest band U2’s latest album, No Line On The Horizon.

4.> It has sold more copies than the entire UK Singles Charts, including downloads!

5.>  It has generated more sales revenue than the top 5 cinema blockbusters currently in the UK Movie Charts.

Basically 1 in every 170 people has it and it has only been on sale for 6 days . Nuff said!