Cannondale’s ON BIKE – Look Ma No Chain!

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 16, 2010

Is it a Bike? Is it a work of Art? Well yes, er both actually! ON BIKE from legendary pedal power maestros Cannondale. It you are a little heavy like me have no fear,  I am assured it can take a lot of punishment even though it has only the one shock.

The ON BIKE is the production model of the much-hyped ON Concept bike shown at Eurobike 2007 and features:

“System Integrated Chain Case Technology”, where the chain case is a single sided, fully enclosed, structural part of the bike frame. This results in a maintenance free, clean and efficient drive system with 9 speed internal gears and disc brakes.

The unique chain case structure is machined from billet, making the structure extremely stiff yet light at the same time. Cables are internally routed in the frame and the tube shapes are edgy and aggressive. The fork is the Cannondale specific HeadShok Solo w/DL50 which makes this bike truly single sided.

The bike is the first of its kind, very unique and innovative (from Cannondale’s website )

I want one! Just to freak people out!


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