New iPhone Has Front Facing Camera, Massive Hard Drive

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 18, 2010

According to the god people at tech site Engadget this may be the new iPhone HD or 4G. It was apparently “found” in a restaurant and although details are a little sketchy it appears to have a front-facing camera (finally! although it is hard to make out from the pictures!) and also a  massive 80G plus hard drive.

Sounds good! looks like the famous unibody type styling! Excellent. I can hear the queues forming already.

MFTB will update you as the news breaks!


New iPhone Coming In June – According to SaskTel

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 16, 2010

Well it has always been a pretty good guess that a new iPhone would come out in the summer as this has been Apple’s Modus Operandi for the last few years and this week CEO Robert Watson of Canadian Carrier SaskTel let the cat out of the bag officially.

“The good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that.”

The Perils of 3D – Samsung Issues Warning

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 16, 2010

Electronics Giant and manufacturer of latest technology 3d TV’s Samsung has issued a warning to 3D users. The site suggests Pregnant women, drunk people, sleep deprived individuals and those prone to headaches should proceed with caution when watching TV in 3D using 3D Glasses.

“It is recommended that users take frequent breaks to lessen the potential of these effects. If your eyes show signs of fatigue or dryness or if you have any of the above symptoms, immediately discontinue use of this device and do not resume using it for at least thirty minutes after the symptoms have subsided.”

Sounds Great! I have always said 3D will never be the money spinner craze manufacturers and film studios want it to be. Some of us get headaches watching  TV with 3D glasses and this is why a large part of the viewer public will never make the jump to the new format. It is costly. Logistically a nightmare (think of all the glasses needed for visitors to watch) and makes people ill. The 80’s are calling and they want their 3D back!

RTC23 Comic Hero TV’s – WHY?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 16, 2010

Apparently there is a market for Comic Branded TV’s  No really there is! Still not convinced? Me neither!

I can understand a Nintendo DS or a Personal Phone being colour-coded or comic branded but a TV? I think not

RTC23 are billing them as TV’s for the “Ultimate Comic Fan” That must be the same fan that realises 2 weeks after he bought it – it is ugly and out of date!

They come in a variety of sizes from 22″ – 55″ and cost between  $340.00 – $1,988.00 SAD SAD SAD.

If you must – go here to get one

Coke + Windows = FAIL

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 16, 2010

So you are dying for a drink, you see a vending machine….. Insert the money… BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

You could stand here and wait for a reboot, call a time-wasting hotline at a premium rate to get told: “Reboot”

Or do what I do and jump on top of the machine and yell at the top of your voice, “DAMN YOU BILL GATES I WANT MY DAMN COKE!!!!!”

Like I said, there is a reason the space shuttle is run on DOS.

Anyways it could be worse… Apple could provide the software and make you buy a drink you don’t want even though it tastes great and has wonderful presentation!

Cannondale’s ON BIKE – Look Ma No Chain!

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 16, 2010

Is it a Bike? Is it a work of Art? Well yes, er both actually! ON BIKE from legendary pedal power maestros Cannondale. It you are a little heavy like me have no fear,  I am assured it can take a lot of punishment even though it has only the one shock.

The ON BIKE is the production model of the much-hyped ON Concept bike shown at Eurobike 2007 and features:

“System Integrated Chain Case Technology”, where the chain case is a single sided, fully enclosed, structural part of the bike frame. This results in a maintenance free, clean and efficient drive system with 9 speed internal gears and disc brakes.

The unique chain case structure is machined from billet, making the structure extremely stiff yet light at the same time. Cables are internally routed in the frame and the tube shapes are edgy and aggressive. The fork is the Cannondale specific HeadShok Solo w/DL50 which makes this bike truly single sided.

The bike is the first of its kind, very unique and innovative (from Cannondale’s website )

I want one! Just to freak people out!

New Nikon Rumors Growing – 3 New DSLRS’s? D4000? DS90x? D?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on April 16, 2010

If you are like me and drool at the site of a Nikon DSLR then get ready to start begging the money manager in your home for the D4000 or one of 2 others apparently in the pipeline. Which, if the folks at Nikon Rumours are correct  should be announced in the next few weeks.

A New update for the D3000 – the D4000 (Go figure!). An update for the cult-like D90 – the D90x (updated DX sensor) and a unamed “new” model with the following specs:

39 AF points, 16MP, 6400 ISO, 24 fps 190 x 1080 video recording, optional MB-D11 grip

They all sound good! Start saving people. Every home should have one!