iPhone 3.0 Summary

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on March 18, 2009


iphone3.0 is the new black. Now your trusty iPhone comes with:

1.> Push email (In Your face Blackberry!)

2.> AutoDiscover Bluetooth and Wifi comms (Automatically discovers pairing devices, pairs with them and gives away all you secrets?)

3.> No Background Process (Bad for battery BAAAAAAD!)

4.> Cut, Copy, Paste (Finally one of the most basic necessities is here!)

5.> Meebo iPhone App( Message yahoo, Aol and others – integrated)

6.> Calendar Sync with Google, Yahoo etc.

7.> Internal search function – email, documents etc

8.> Landscape Keyboard ( nah nah na nah nah!)

9.> MMS! (surely not – the 90’s where calling and they want there old mobile technology back!)

10.> Stereo Bluetooth (nuf said!)

11.> Hotspot autologin, McDonalds, Starbucks etc. Get fat and surf the net instantly!

12.> File transfers between iPhones and iTouchs (Like I have them all!)

Apple are playing catch up but are finally delivering the little things that used to irritate iPhone users – well done Steve!


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