British Government Rules Out Ban On Illegal Filesharers

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on January 26, 2009

bband1UK Intellectual Property Minister David Lammy has told The Times that the government has no plans to pass laws to force Internet Service providers to Ban users who are found to be illegal file sharers. The Government has taken the stance that it needs to educate people as to why Illegal file sharing (torrents, p2p sharing etc) is wrong and also make sure ISP’s are doing their bit to discourage it. It will however not be passing it as law. Lammy also stated that the “memorandum of understanding” drawn up between ISP’s and the music industry to target illegal peer to peer network file sharing of music was enough. Under this agreement ISP’s currently send a letter to alleged  file sharers asking them to stop their activity and also inform them they were being monitored. It has come to light that this approach is starting to work as illegal file sharing rates stalled for the first time in the last quarter of last year.


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