Windows 7 Blazing a Trail?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on January 20, 2009

w7If you go through the feedback of most bloggers, journalists, website comments and so one it does appear that Windows 7 is the business. Microsoft has for a while looked like they have dropped the ball on current trends in tech. They seemed to have ignored web 2.0 and appeared to be creaking under the weight of their own wallets, churning out unfinished products to just “have something out”- Think Vista. Think bloated, unfinished and not user friendly.

Recently I listened to Robert Scoble (Blogger and ex MS employee)  explain why Vista was a flop. In a nutshell he explained that Bill Gate’s ideal was a “100 storey building  Operating Software” It was to be built on Microsoft’s stuttering programming language but it became clear after a few years that was not up to the task. At “50 storey’s” it started to lean under the weight. Microsoft were caught in a bad situation, patch or rewrite….Fast!

The chose to rewrite it and release it too early before the bugs were ironed out. They probably should have waited until it was finished when you consider Vista is now “fine” after Service packs, updates etc. The reality was Bill Gates “Plug and Play” mantra was more “Fiddle and Fail”

Well Windows 7 has now been released. It is in Beta form, free to download until August and it seems to be more stable, quicker, more beautiful and with exciting new features that make it like Vista should have been – An exciting new, improved operating system. Time will tell though – we still have to wait for the final release but with the Beta getting reviews from the likes of Leo Laporte “The most stable Beta ever” and John C Dvorak “Closer to what  Vista dreamed of” it seems like Microsoft is back on track.

C’mon Apple – your turn!


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