Klingon Language Keyboard

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on January 14, 2009

klingon_keyboardIf you want to stand out from the crowd and are well versed in Klingon, you may want to try out this Keyboard, available from Cherry . It is laid out in Klingon Qwerty and will be the envy of all your Trekkie mates, oh and Bill Bailey (comedian and world’s foremost Klingon Speaker). If you are so super cool you would rather read this article in Klingon – please read below.

 chugh SoH neH Daq Qam pa’ vo’ [the] [crowd] ‘ej ‘oH QaQ [versed] Daq tlhIngan SoH [may] neH Daq [try] pa’ vam [Keyboard] [available] vo’ [Cherry] ‘oH ‘oH [laid] pa’ Daq tlhIngan [Qwerty] ‘ej DIchDaq taH [the] [envy] vo’ Hoch lIj [Trekkie] [mates] [oh] ‘ej [Bill] [Bailey] [comedian] ‘ej qo’ [foremost] tlhIngan [Speaker] chugh SoH ‘oH vaj [super] [cool] SoH [would] [rather] [read] vam [article] Daq tlhIngan [-] [please] [read] [below]


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