Atek Logio Ensures Your Passwords Are Secure

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on December 9, 2008

logioIf you are like me then you are a member of a lot of websites. I have online banking, Twitter accounts, Facebo0k, Myspace, Amazon, Play etc. All of whom I have secured with a pool of passwords. I was scare of giving them all the same password, as many people do because for convenience, because if it was compromised I would have a nervous breakdown trying to remember everything I had used it for and would have to change them all.

Well Atek have come up with the Atek Logio Secure Password organiser. Sure it looks like on of those language translators your parents bought from Reader’s Digest for their trip to Paris, but it is a nifty little piece of kit. It stores up to 200 pins,passwords and other security information.(If you think 200 is not enough you need to get out more!) The info stored is encrypted so nobody but you can get in. You of course need a password to access data but just think of one and never tell anyone (I can hear the bank manager now!). It also has a handy little feature that will suggest passwords or hash codes that can be used for sites where “no ordinary password will do”.

It’s good, secure and at $29.99 (£20) a steal. Go to Atek to buy one.


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