Acer Steals Netbook Crown From Asus

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on December 9, 2008

acer1There are some in the industry who will tell you Asus invented the mini notebook/Netbook and for a long time they had the market all sewn up. The Asus ee PC was a killer and  suddenly a whole new market of netbooks made it easier to get onto the web. A lot of companies like Acer and Hp, Dell, MSI got on the band wagon and, to be fair, have done a good job of keeping the competition healthy – but the masses always looked to Asus, the spiritual leader of netbooks, to see what would be the next step in the metamorphosis of laptop trend. Well now Acer are top dog!

2008 third quarter stats show that  Acer has managed to grab 38.3 percent of the netbook market with a little over 2.15 million of their Aspire One’s  sold. Asus, now second with 30 percent, sold a respectable 1.7 million units.

It is amazing at how popular netbooks have become and even with Acer pulling into the lead I still feel Asus will be ready with the next trend soon – will netbooks get smaller? I don’t think so. I think the next step is to get hardcore users onto smaller notebooks with more high-end power to run apps that  these netbooks can’t handle. Also, what exactly is this surge in netbook popularity doing to more “traditional” computer sales? “normal laptops” seem to be doing ok….

Anyway time will tell.


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