Microsoft Releases “Softwear” – Cool Shirts for RetroGeeks

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on December 8, 2008


In an attempt to capture some cool retro nostalgia sales, Microsoft has released a line of Retro T-shirts called Softwear. (Get it? Softwear…… Like Software….but with Clothes! ) What will those clever guys at Microsoft Marketing think up next? A white Console? A see-through Zune? An  Ms Phone ? Some cool adverts with weird looking people that will hopefully help MS claw back some of the headway Apple has made in the “cool sector”?

Anyways you can get the Dos Tangle, Bill Gates’ Mugshot and various other retro-feel type shirts. The more I look at them the more they are appealing to me….. Where is that cliff?


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