Windows 7 Beta out in January ?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on December 5, 2008

windows7 Microsoft have always maintained that Windows 7 would come out in 2010 but now it is rumoured  that we will see the Beta version as early as January 13. The main reason Microsoft are stepping up its  release is that only 20% of the worlds computers have embraced its latest, greatest Vista OS as  opposed to 3 times the amount adopting XP (the previous OS). It is a well known fact that Microsoft  has drafted a lot of its Vista team onto working on Windows 7 to try and get it out quicker. It also suggests Microsoft have given up on vista ever breaking free from its “Worse than XP” tag which seems to dog it to this day. While it is true vista was terrible when it came out – it is now a very able package.

Windows 7 is “stripped down” windows with emphasis on faster boot ups, more synchronisation with web apps and better security. I think it will signal Microsoft is finally listening closely to it’s market. Let us hope!


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