Microsoft about to buy Yahoo?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 30, 2008

mahooSo a couple of months back Yahoo stock was sitting at about $33 per share. Microsoft were talking about a takeover. Shareholders were excited but Jerry Yang wasn’t. Microsoft offered the $33 per share $40 Billion deal to Yahoo and had it rejected. Now a couple months on and Microsoft are eyeing Google again – but this time they just want to buy the search part of Yahoo – for only $20 Billion (£14 Billion) . You see many things have changed.

Jerry Yang has gone, the share price is an abysmal – $11 a share ( low of $9 at one stage) and Microsoft are still getting culled by Google in the search arena! I think they should unload it. Freed from the Shackles of being a Google competitor they can concentrate on what the do best – making good applications and good informative websites. Contrary to popular belief Yahoo is actually a very sound company making a good profit. Unload it !!!


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