News Print Media Fast Reaching The Point Of No Return

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 28, 2008

deathofprint1The other day I was blogging about how ZIffDavis, owners of PC Magazine had decided to chuck in the towel and exist solely on the web. I also said this was a good thing for them as it signified a long established print giant realising times were changing and that they needed to be in the forefront of the readers habits- i.e. online.

But a report release this week by the News Paper Association Of America shows that the advertising revenue spend in print is decreasing so fast that the noose is tightening around the bastions of print media. The NAA showprint advertising revenue is down from a little under 7.5% last year to an astonishing 18% decrease this year (last quarter).

This is a little scary but the fact is advertisers only see a future in online ventures. In short I will tell you why.

1.> Instant feedback from online users is vital for advertisers to gauge success.
2.> Most people read their news online because it is instant. Print is what happened in the past. The late edition is now
3.> Everything is going to “The Cloud” and people will be able to access their news from anywhere. Not just the store or paper guy.
4.> The web generation has a much more heightened sense of fad change. The web keeps up with that thirst for something new, fresh, cool….diggable News! 

I think personally there will always be a space for Print media. Look at air travel. They make you turn off your iPhone/Blackberry/Webook/Notebook/Kindle when you takeoff and land .You need that tasty “Inflight Magazine” to stave of the boredom for 10 mins!


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