Barclaycard Reaches One Million Contact-less Bank Cards

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 28, 2008

barclaycard Barclays announced it has reached the Million Mark for uptake on its cashless,  contact-less cards. This milestone which was reached sooner than most    expected was further buoyed by the fact that 88% of users claimed it made their lives easier and save them time. A minority said the Card had no use to them 6% and the remaining 6% didn’t care. Barclays Bank has also announced that all Platinum cards will come with the feature as standard.

It won’t be long until they start putting them in our wrists and foreheads………… Mark of the Beast? Bankscan now get your money faster!


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  1. Lee said, on January 19, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Hmm, still not 100% sure, in my few years of research on this subject on and off, here is what I say on my current web page on the economic crisis etc:

    Many believe in a literal Anti-Christ and a literal mark of the beast.
    I have of late, last few years tended to lean towards believing this to me more symbolic as opposed to some sort of literal mark.
    After all why not just force you to have the darn microchip anyway, rather than allow you the choice to refuse and then chop your head off.

    Either though, I’d still not be keen on having it, or anything, because it comes down to control.

    See: the following below and click here for the full article on it.
    Here is another article on about what the mark of the beast might be all about.

    For the articles see:

    Scroll down.
    The buying and selling could be of your soul, as for the mark, symbolic, else why chop your head off for not taking it, just grab you, tie you up and inject it, simple enough.
    Anyway, food for thought, right?

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