Blockbuster To Stream Films Live to Your Home

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 25, 2008

blobkbusterBlockbuster have announced they are going to Stream Movies live to subscribers through a set top box. this is nothing new as Netflix have been doing this for some time, but what is significant is that this could spell the end of DVD rentals and signal a spanner in the BluRay adoption Rate. Currently blockbuster admits there is little future in DVD hard copy rentals as there is too much competition from DVD sales being to low and also the easy access viewers have to streaming video/downloads through companies like Netflix – leaves little of the traditional rental market left. BluRay, Sony’s High Def disk format has endured a poor adoption rate by consumers due to the high cost of the players and also the disk price themselves.

Blockbuster were kind of pinning their rental hopes on Bluray but it looks as if they have had to leap into the download/streaming online arena! Bad for Sony BluRay but good for citizens like me who want better choice.
There is no word yet on the price of the set top boxes… soon we shall know.


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