PC Mag Announces last Print Issue – Pioneers?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 20, 2008

pcmagPC Magazine, a well respected giant in the computer tech review industry and a leader in tech discussion has announced the January 2009 issue will be their final print issue. Many will say this is a “doom and gloom” scenario. Others like, John C Dvorak , a respected tech reporter and long time tech prognosticator who also writes a column in PC Mag, feel this signals PC Mag’s forward thinking in the modern age. Most people now grab the info they crave from the web, rss feeds, blogs etc. and forget print exists. Blogs and news sites are current – Print is old news. I think the modern web user is not suited to print media and PC Magazine has recognised that, with it’s well established presence on the web , it does not need the print side of business. It actually needs to leave it behind to ensure it keeps up with it’s future audiences needs. I think it is a common trend waiting to explode. The New York Times and Houston Chronicle have long said print is dying and new readers are all from the web. Maybe we will achieve the paperless society all the Sci-Fi writers talk about.


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