Microsofts New Xbox Experience – Sony Sabotage!

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 19, 2008

So today at 10am the NXE (New Xbox Experience) is available to all Xbox owners to download. It is a new dashboard basically with avatars (like the Mii on your Wii !) and lots of other “cool Stuff”.  In the US Xbox owners can download/ live stream Netflix’s vast movie catalog (for a small fee!) and basically use their Xbox as a home entertainment Hub – In the UK … not so much!

Sony, Who’s “Home” does not look to be any near completion is now being accused of dirty tricks on NXE Launch day. Users who try to download Superbad or any other Columbia Pictures films are met with a “Not available on Xbox” notice. Columbia, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures, could not comment. But Netflix are saying they have variable licensing issues which have lead to the Temporary freeze on some Columbia Movies being available. No word on how long then? I think the boys at Sony HQ must have spent the whole night thinking this one up…..”Now how do we sabotage this little Xbox Show without pointing the finger at us…… I know let them have all Sony Pictures works but not Columbia!  Ha haarrh!  (evil laugh)


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