Who Is Avi Koschitzki ? Why Is He Suing Apple?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 18, 2008

appleIt Seems not everyone is caught up in the mass Apple love of iPhones! Avi Koschitzki,from New York, stood in line for hours to get his iPhone and like so many before him, marvelled at it’s ease of use and beautiful construction. However users have been grumbling about the poor 3G Connectivity from the phone and “hairline cracks” that are appearing on the phones screen and body. So incensed is Avi that he has filed a Class action suit against Apple and has stated in the suit that “common issues predominate”. Basically Avi would have us believe there are a vast mass of disgruntled Apple users so he is forming a posse to hunt down the lawless Apple people.

I haven’t Heard much on the cracks but have heard a lot about the poor 3G coverage – which I would say is due to the selection of bad Mobile/cell phone carriers buy Apple. Anyways do you agree with Avi? Let me know!!


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  1. Pamela Cook said, on February 18, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    I am on my second phone with a crack between the headphone jack and the metal frame around the screen. (It looks just like the cracks in the pictures on the web, only thinner). SECOND phone, with the EXACT same crack!!! I have not dropped it!!! I’ve had it less than a week!

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