Sony Phones Will Soon Get 12 Megapixel Cameras

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 17, 2008

sony-ericsson-logo_45_1179316991Sony has announced the arrival of the Exmor IMX060PQ, a 12.25million Megapixel sensor which it has recently developed at its base in Japan. Interestingly, it has also announced that this new technological leap in camera tech will be available as soon as the Second Quarter of 2009 and will be part of there entry level point and shoot camera ranges as well as a suped up version including high-end zoom and stabiliser on there more expensive phone ranges.

This announcement follows an insight by Sony that camera phones will be at the 20 megapixel mark by the beginning of 2010, if not sooner. Sony also predicts that the standard resolution for all phones is fast approaching 5 mp and that this is driving down the sales prices on stand alone cameras.

Personally, I like the fact my Blackberry has a camera – but for pictures I need a camera which is designed to be just a camera and not bundled into a phone. I like specialized gadgets!


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