Samsung SGH-B130 Candybar Now Cheaper Than 2 pints !

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 17, 2008

D2_tv_featuresWhen I think about how expensive things are – it is truly amazing that the Samsung SGH-B130 is going for under a fiver (£4.95). You have to buy 10 quid airtime on a pay as you go tariff (Orange or T-Mobile) but that is incidental to the usage. Now I know there is no camera etc.  but get one for your holiday in Cyprus, your jaunt in Venice…drop that bad boy in the drink and hey! – only a fiver. I want to buy one just to tell people it only cost £4.95. I could be a Justin Timberlake phone user (Trousersnake – apparently wears his pants once and chucks them!). 

I wonder how long before the “Candybar” phone becomes the “Criminal-Gang-throw-away” Phone?


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