Apple Declares War on DS, PSP

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 17, 2008

iphone-game1Apple’s Greg Joswiak has declared Apple’s intent to grab a hold on the handheld games market and establish the iPhone and iTouch as a competitive gaming platform to compete against Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s DS.

According to Apple the main reasons they are going to be a force are that not only does the iPhone have a superior graphics capability but it is also much more capable in terms of processing power. These two essential advantages and the fact that the iTunes/App Store Behemoth has millions of users chomping at the bit to download new media, leaves the DS and PSP ‘s makers with a little bit of a worry.

Many have poo-pooed the iPhone as a gaming platform – but think about it…. People love the iPhone, they take it everywhere as it has their music library and is there main contact device so why not also be their main gaming device? Why have a DS and an iPhone when you can do it all on the one device (and with better graphics etc.)

Nintendo and PSP have already toyed with the idea of making their handhelds communicate (Skype and other Voip) so they obviously see the need to have all the features combined to protect their share.

I think if Apple can quickly get the right peripherals to make it feel comfortable in my hand while button mashing, then they may have a winner. But then again the Japanese love those DS’s !


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