CD’s and DVD’s now obselte? Microsoft Store opens

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 14, 2008

Where are you reading this from? Remember where because in a few years it will be your “I remember where I was when CD’s died” moment. Microsoft Store has opened its gates and offers all of its software and games catalog available for download, effectively stopping its mail order business and opening a click download service.

I think with BluRay not catching on because of Sony’s greed  keeping the prices of players (and disks) artificially high, the worlds need for high quality movies and games will lead them to online downloads. Already sites like Hulu offer full movies at 720p (HD) and even YouTube is offering full length flicks, though with less resolution online. Netflix has dumped DVD’s to focus on it’s vast download empire through the web and on Xbox Live so I wonder when we will see a drop in Disk sales? Not long now I think. Microsoft normally is the last to react to the trend market so if they are changing – what have we missed already?


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