Nokia E63 – Blackberry Killer or catchup?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 13, 2008

9275-nokiae63For a long time now we have been hearing rumours on the E63. “insiders” have called it “Nokia’s Blackberry” and the “User’s Smart phone”. Not sure what that means but it is a tasty little package. Looks like the lovechild of the Blackberry Curve and the Treo, minus the stubby aerial if you ask me. But it apparently is much cheaper than most Blackberries and according to Vodafone will come free on business and top personal user contracts. The list of features include QWERTY Keyboard;  2.4in QVGA 16 million colour display; 2MP camera with flash, WIFI, HSDPA, 3G, 2G connectivity; push email (POP and IMAP) and all this in a neat 126g package.

I think they look nice and seem to do all the things I want it too – but I am not sure it will make me part with my Bold 9000. Nokia is just not a forerunner in my mind for people who want a smart phone. They seem to have delayed this release so long and are running third behind the Blackberry and iPhone.


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