And so it begins…..the end of net freedom?

Posted in Rambling by Neil Koster on November 12, 2008

neutral-bits1A very unsettling report is coming out of New Zealand. The Kiwi government has decided to pass law forcing ISP’s to include a “term of contract” stating it is company policy to disconnect users who are ” continually found to be engaging in copyright infringement”. What this means is government is now telling IP’s they have to crack down and –  by making it a condition – will signal a definitive offensive on net privacy.

C’mon  ! ISP’s have tried the “warning letter” route and now we are going to get our access cut off as a matter of (government aided) company policy? Sift through that contract before you sign people! I guarantee companies will exploit this to cut users off who are hogging bandwidth. It is bad enough most contracts in the UK are sold as “unlimited” but have “fair” usage policy that overides the unlimited bit. “Unlimited” is now limited. “Fair use” is a bit vague and now we have to sign up to say we will be in breach if we appear to have infringed.

I guess the real problem for most is that this is openly saying “We are checking everything you do on the web and will just cut you off if you are doing something we don’t like.” I can’t help but think one night I will be watching a clip on Youtube that belongs to Lucasfilm….suddenly the power goes off and I hear breaking glass…..The ISP Gestapo are here!


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