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Posted in Rambling by Neil Koster on November 30, 2008



iPhone now has 10 000 apps

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 30, 2008

apple-iphone1148 Apps (site named after how many can fit on an iPhone/iTouch) is reporting that the Apple Store now has 10 000 apps available. 24% Are free – the rest cost and average of $3.21

34% of the app catalogue is, as you would imagine, dedicated to gaming apps- another interesting fact is that there are 50 ish weather apps even though The iPhone comes with one!

Microsoft about to buy Yahoo?

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 30, 2008

mahooSo a couple of months back Yahoo stock was sitting at about $33 per share. Microsoft were talking about a takeover. Shareholders were excited but Jerry Yang wasn’t. Microsoft offered the $33 per share $40 Billion deal to Yahoo and had it rejected. Now a couple months on and Microsoft are eyeing Google again – but this time they just want to buy the search part of Yahoo – for only $20 Billion (£14 Billion) . You see many things have changed.

Jerry Yang has gone, the share price is an abysmal – $11 a share ( low of $9 at one stage) and Microsoft are still getting culled by Google in the search arena! I think they should unload it. Freed from the Shackles of being a Google competitor they can concentrate on what the do best – making good applications and good informative websites. Contrary to popular belief Yahoo is actually a very sound company making a good profit. Unload it !!!

Capcom To Release Resident Evil 5 Demo to Xbox360 Live Gold Members

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 29, 2008

rsevil1Capcom, Makers of Epic Zombie Slasher Series Resident Evil are to release the demo of it’s latest offering Resident Evil 5 to xBox Live Marketplace for download on December 5. Demo users will be able to play 2 stages of the game in either co-op or single player mode. The Catch? This little teaser will only be available to xBox Live Gold Members – baaahhhhhaaaaAAAARGGGHHH ! C’mon don’t say you are going to release a demo and then make me buy something! Also, no news on when it is coming to Playstation 3 users either? Exclusive? Maybe!

News Print Media Fast Reaching The Point Of No Return

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 28, 2008

deathofprint1The other day I was blogging about how ZIffDavis, owners of PC Magazine had decided to chuck in the towel and exist solely on the web. I also said this was a good thing for them as it signified a long established print giant realising times were changing and that they needed to be in the forefront of the readers habits- i.e. online.

But a report release this week by the News Paper Association Of America shows that the advertising revenue spend in print is decreasing so fast that the noose is tightening around the bastions of print media. The NAA showprint advertising revenue is down from a little under 7.5% last year to an astonishing 18% decrease this year (last quarter).

This is a little scary but the fact is advertisers only see a future in online ventures. In short I will tell you why.

1.> Instant feedback from online users is vital for advertisers to gauge success.
2.> Most people read their news online because it is instant. Print is what happened in the past. The late edition is now
3.> Everything is going to “The Cloud” and people will be able to access their news from anywhere. Not just the store or paper guy.
4.> The web generation has a much more heightened sense of fad change. The web keeps up with that thirst for something new, fresh, cool….diggable News! 

I think personally there will always be a space for Print media. Look at air travel. They make you turn off your iPhone/Blackberry/Webook/Notebook/Kindle when you takeoff and land .You need that tasty “Inflight Magazine” to stave of the boredom for 10 mins!

Make Your Own Egg Gun

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Need to send someone a message? Why not break in and cook them some eggs on toast with the Frying gun Stencil Pan. From Australian Site Latestbuy this little puppy comes with a Sixshooter style egg Stencil in the Pan and looks absolutely fab on toast. 


ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack Shirt and Drummer Shirt

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ThinkGeek have come up with an awesome Idea! when Fake pics of a Shirt with an embedded Speaker started doing the rounds last year the Maestro’s at decided to make it a reality. The Shirts have a small speaker embedded in the front and are controlled by a wired controller that fits neatly in your pocket. You can play any tune you like on the Mp3 based player by adding your songs via SD Card or plug your iPhone straight in. ThinkGeek also have a Personal Drummer Shirt !!! everyone should have one!


Protect You Home With Laser Beams – for Cheap

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µTorrent Finally Releases Mac Beta Version

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 28, 2008

utorrentµTorrent the small sized torrent downloading software has finally release a version for Mac users. µTorrent was first released to windows users in 2005 and was promptly bought by BitTorrent in 2006. The main competitors Vuze (New name for Azureus) and Transmission have had Mac versions for some time so it is really catchup.

So now all you Mac Types can use µTorrent to “Backup and transfer data”. Because no-one uses it for illegal music and movie downloads! No!

Barclaycard Reaches One Million Contact-less Bank Cards

Posted in Tech by Neil Koster on November 28, 2008

barclaycard Barclays announced it has reached the Million Mark for uptake on its cashless,  contact-less cards. This milestone which was reached sooner than most    expected was further buoyed by the fact that 88% of users claimed it made their lives easier and save them time. A minority said the Card had no use to them 6% and the remaining 6% didn’t care. Barclays Bank has also announced that all Platinum cards will come with the feature as standard.

It won’t be long until they start putting them in our wrists and foreheads………… Mark of the Beast? Bankscan now get your money faster!